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Monday, April 29, 2013

Essence Stays No Matter What felt tip eyeliner

I generally have a lot of time for Essence products because they tend to do exactly what they say on the tin, while still being extremely purse friendly. This eyeliner, however, is the biggest load of crap that has ever disgraced my make up box. Let me begin...

While it goes on easy, and the skinny tip makes it easy to get the eyeliner shape you want, you wont have your eyeliner on for long. I have quite sensitive eyes, and a strong breeze can make them water slightly (SLIGHTLY!!) but the second even a drop of water was released from my eye I looked like I should be on my way back to the panda enclosure in Dublin zoo. Ok, fine, not all felt tip liners fare that well against the elements, but don't release and eyeliner that claims to last up to 24 hours "no matter what" and then have it fall at the first hurdle. I was left with a big black ring around 1 eye, that was a nightmare to get off (bit late for your 24 hour trick to be kicking in then), and a smudge on the roof of my other eye where the eyeliner had just rubbed off.

I hate being so negative about an Essence product, but there really is nothing good about this eyeliner. There's a very, VERY good reason it's under €3. AVOID!!

Cocoa Brown Lovely Lady Lunch- Dublin- Saturday 27th April

About 3 weeks ago I got a message from the creator of my favourite tan Cocoa Brown inviting me to a lunch in a very swanky Dublin hotel. Knowing there was a new tan in the pipe line, I naturally assumed it'd just be an event to fill some bloggers in on the merits of the new tan, and went hoping to maybe nab myself a free sample (and a few nibbles) What was waiting for us lucky few on arrival was an astounding display of generousity from both Marissa and the Cocoa Brown brand. We were treated to a 3 course meal (with wine!) in a beautifully decorated private room. Along the back wall stood a line of goody bags, quite large goody bags at that! Surely that big ole bag couldn't just contain one bottle of tan!? OH NO IT DIDN'T! When I peered into the bag you could have knocked me over with a feather. There was a bottle of the old reliable 1 hour tan, accompanied by a bottle of the new Night and Day tan (which won't even be in the shops for another 2 weeks!) a tanning mitt AND a €50 Penney's voucher.

Now, a lot of brands will invite customers out to events, give them a few itsy bitsy samples and put on some finger food, but never before have I seen a brand go so far to thank and reward their customers. I was genuinely overwhelmed. For me, it makes it a lot easier to part with my money when I know the brand will go to great lengths to prove you are a valued customer. I can't thank Marissa, Sarah and Cocoa Brown for a lovely afternoon and such a generous gift.

Now on to the good stuff! I had planned to rush home and try the new tan as soon as I finished chatting to all the other bloggers at the lunch. Unfortunately  the chances of me leaving town with a €50 Penneys gift card in my back pocket were slim to...... it just wasn't going to happen. Then the pub got involved and lets just say by the time I arrived home tanning was the last thing on my mind!

So, before going market hopping on Sunday I sat myself down, opened my shiney new mitt and got moussey. The tan itself is generally everything you'd expect from Cocoa Brown. It smells divine going on and stays smelling divine! It goes on quite dark, darker than the 1 hour tan, but even at that it STILL wasn't too dark for my ghostly complexion. It's still fool proof, there wasn't a steak in sight and my skin was so soft and silky. I was ready to go literally 5 minutes after applying the tan, which is practically unheard of for an instant tan. It absorbed instantly into my skin so could dress and run out the door without worrying about smudges or blotches.

Cocoa Brown Night and Day really takes the hassle out of tanning. You don't have to plan ahead and think 'well I better not do my hair now because I have to shower my tan off'. Being buffed and bronzed can now be a last minute decision!

The Night and Day tan will be out in shops in about 2 weeks and will retail for the same price as the original. I'll definitely be buying a bottle when mine runs out!

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Why Decadence Tan is my new best friend.

Since my late teen's I have longed for beautiful, bronzed, natural looking skin. I grew up resembling a milk bottle, and being a natural red head, my skin sizzles at the mere thought of sunlight. I have truly Irish skin, in every sense if the word, pale, pasty and freckly. I gave up on fake tan a long time ago, a slue of failed attempts, wasted money and ruined bed sheets had resigned me to the fact that I just wasn't meant to be a bronzed goddess......... Or was I??

There are so many different types of tan out there, each promising their own little miracles, but the fact of the matter is- Some tan's will take to your skin and some wont. I have often marveled at women's beautiful, even, natural glow and asked them what tan they use. Almost inevitably it'll  be a tan I've tried, and am left gawping saying 'Well it didn't look like that on me!!!' The vast majority of tans leave me patchy, or streaky, or bright orange, or with elbows and knee's that look like they've been dipped in poo. Woe is poor pasty me. I always apply tan to the letter, sometimes even blasting myself with the hair dryer to make sure I'm bone dry before dressing, but there's always streaks and patches, and places that will need hiding. Being on a really tight budget, I did find it difficult to find a nice smelling tan, that could tackle even my skin, without leaving myself too broke to go out and show it off. Then I met Decadence Tan.

I have followed them on Twitter for a while, and noticed a competition tweet to win a bottle of tan. Never one to pass up a freebie, and out of curiosity since I've never actually tried the tan before, I retweeted my ass off! And it worked :D I was announced as the winner at about 9 o clock at night on a Wednesday, passed on my details, and got my tan on Friday morning! By courier no less!! I can safely say it's the quickest I have ever received a prize. I was delighted! And of course, the courier had only just pulled out of the garden and I was stripping off to try it out! So here are my thought's on the tan itself-

Smell- What smell? There is no disgusting soggy biscuit smell, not even in the slightest. In fact, there is a lovely floral scent from the tan that actually sticks around for hours. I did find myself having a quick sniff of my arm while i was watching telly. There is nothing worse that walking around wearing a developing tan and being completely aware and conscious that you smell like an old tea bag. Don't even waste your time on that thought with this tan, it just doesn't happen.

Application- The tan comes out in a mist, and a little goes a long way. There's a pretty noticeable colour when you first apply, making it essentially fool proof. It goes on smooth and even, and dries almost instantly. No more John Wayne-ing it around your house while your tan dries. I applied mine with a sock over a latex glove because I find that the mitt over the latex glove moves around too much, and leaves too much room for error. With the sock it's almost as if you were applying it with your bare hands (you can steal that trick, i'll let ya! Just make sure its a clean sock!) Also, And I can't stress this enough, I have never, ever encountered a tan that made my skin feel as silky and soft as this tan did. I was a bit gobsmacked, so gobsmacked that I was going up to friend's, lashing my arms in their direction and saying 'FEEL HOW SOFT!!!!' They all agree'd..... of course that could have been just so I'd go away...

Developing time- Don't be thrown by your starter colour and lash on half the bottle, you will get darker. I'd say I went a good 3-4 shades deeper by the times I was going out. The colour suited me perfect. I don't tan my face, never have, never will, but I didn't have that tanned body and ghostly white face that seems to be going around. The tan actually brought my skin to a colour that suited me, and one that I could very easily match my make up to.

Staying power- I applied the tan on Friday afternoon, was fully bronzed by Friday evening, and on Tuesday evening after 1 or 2 quick showers the majority of my tan is still perfect. I won't lie, or kiss any butts, there are area's that are looking slightly mucky. My hands for instance are almost tan free at this stage, but after almost 4 days of housework and hand washing, I would be slightly horrified if they were still tanned, and to be fair, I normally notice that after about 2 days with any other tan. Also, I have been bold and haven't been moisturising so I am partially to blame for that.

After trying and failing for so long I think I have finally found the tan that suits me. It stays on my skin \and not on my clothes or bed sheets. It made my skin look and feel soft, silky and sexy, which made me feel more confident and sexy going out (not smooth though, i'll never be smooth). It made be feel like a tanning guru because it was easy to get perfect. I can honestly say that even though I won this tan, they will definitely be getting my custom again, and I would highly recommend them to ANYONE with slightly difficult skin. It's confidence in a bottle, and that, to me, is priceless.