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Monday, January 28, 2013

17 Doll'd Up mascara and Eyeliner

Get both for €7.59 in Boots!
I've been lusting after a new mascara for a while, but i haven't seen any new ones that get my motor running for a while. I was in Boots over the weekend and found this little gem.
17 Doll'd up mascara, 2 coats

It was on special offer, €7.59 for the mascara, and you get the eyeliner free! Absolute bargain!
Initially i was a bit skeptical, as the brush is one of those hard bristle brushes, which i normally despise, but i gave it the benefit of the doubt and headed straight to the check out. And boy am i glad i did!

I'll start with the mascara, it absolutely exceeded my expectations. Im generally always pleasantly surprised by 17 mascara's, but none more so than this. It promises up to 24 hour curl, and to be fair, it pretty much delivers! Now, i haven't been pulling all nighters to test the theory, but i have been wearing it every day since i bought it. It stays put ALL day and I've yet to notice any flaking. My eyelashes look long and separated. Im even slightly converted to the ways of the stiff bristle brush!

Now on to the eyeliner, what little beauty! I go through eyeliner like nobodys business because i normally lash it on for big chunky cat flicks, and honestly, this is one of the best felt tip liners I've come across!
It has 3 tiny nibs as opposed to 1 thick one, giving you complete control over your look. Thick or thin, it's up to you. And this eyeliner isn't going anywhere. It's on for the day, no smudging, fading or bleeding. I find with most eyeliners that they will fade a lot on the outer corner of my eye, ruining my cat flick, but not this one!

All in all this is probably the best €7.59 I've ever spent in Boots. I couldn't recommend either of them highly enough!

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