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Friday, January 6, 2012

USA Nails

So, I have never had the patience to grow my nails. I'm not a biter but I'm clumsy as hell so as soon as they got to a certain length I'd manage to break them. Also, glue on nails just don't do it for me. Undoubtedly there are some stunning designs out there, but carrying around a bottle of nail glue in my make up bag just in case didn't suit my generally laid back attitude to cosmetics.

I'd been throwing it around in my head to just bite the bullet and opt for a full set of gel nails. Having never had them before, I didn't know how much they'd cost, how they were applied, or how long they'd last.I stumbled across USA Nails, a new business just opened in Tallaght Village (just opposite AIB bank) who had some very good opening offers. I paid €35 for a full set of french tip gel nails, with airbrush designs on 2 nails. Not a bad deal at all!!

I made my appointment for 6 in the evening and made my merry way up. I arrived on time, and walked into a very busy salon. There were 4 girls catering to about 7 clients, not including myself and the 2 people I was with. We settled ourselves in for a lengthy wait, and rightly so. My nails were started at about 7pm, my friends were about 15 minutes behind me. But despite the wait, once we had their attention, they were very efficient. From start to finish, including my airbrush designs, my nails took about 45 minutes.

All in all I would recommend USA Nails, but I'd only make an appointment on an evening I had no other commitments, you could be there longer than anticipated.

I got my nails done about 3 weeks before Christmas, by the time Christmas rolled around there was some noticeable regrowth but not an awful lot. Now however, the regrowth is very obvious so I've decided not to get them filled. I just miss painting my nails too much.

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