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Sunday, July 6, 2014

Catrice The Giant Extreme Volume Mascara

We all know Catrice as a much loved budget high street brand with, by all accounts, some damn good products. But I just never seemed to get into them for some reason! This may be all about to change. I popped into Health Express in Tallaght (on payday coincidentally...uh oh) and they had a huge chunk of their Catrice stand Half price, all stock that's soon to be removed from the line apparently. Naturally I picked up a few bits.....for science!

I picked up their BB cream, a blush, liquid eyeliner and this mascara, which, if I'm to be completely honest, is a bit of a revelation.

The Giant promises bold, dramatic lashes with a nice chunky brush designed to each every lash from corner to corner. Normally with a mascara that offers you the sun, moon and stars it falls at at least one hurdle, but I am SO impressed with this mascara I've practically been forcing it on people.

I found it gave me amazing volume, with fantastic length and separation. It didn't clump and built up really easily. I wore it all day yesterday with no touch up's and while my lashes looked a tad limper by the evry end of the day, I found practically zero flaking!

With one coat The Giant gives beautifully full daytime lashes, but not being one for subtlety I've been lashing it on in 2-3 coats. I'm pretty upset that I didn't discover this little ge much earlier. If it's being removed from the line permanently and not being replaced with a very similar mascara I'll be pretty much heart broken.

I can't remember exactly how much I paid for The Giant, but I'm not talking much more than €2. Even at full price it's an out and out bargain!! It hands down beats some mascara's I've paid €10-15 for!

You'll have to excuse the bandy photo's, I'm currently working off an old phone and the camera is just able for anything! Oh how I miss my Samsung :(