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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Nail Bliss Bling Nail Wraps €4.99

I'm so skeptical about nails wraps, because I have yet to find a pair good enough to warrant their price tag. I'd essentially given up on them, but I was doing the shopping a few days ago....and thought I'd give them one last try. They sell Nail bliss wraps in Dunnes Stores for €4.99, and I'd never used them before, so I decided that I would try them, and if I wasn't impressed I would never spend money on any brand of wraps again, EVER!!

Well, didn't they prove me wrong!!! They are really good! They're made of a really thin sticky film, so there's absolutely no bulk to them at all. They were super easy to apply, just press them on firmly, cut the excess and file! I even managed to get 2 nails done per sticker, which I have never been able to do with any other brand!

They stayed put for 3 days, would have been longer, but I took them off of my own accord! They have a really good selection of designs, from floral prints to leopard print! If, like me, you're getting a bit disheartened by nail wraps, invest in these and restore your faith! I highly recommend them!

Hairspray Nail Polish! S235 (Bright Orange) €2.99

WOW!!!! I absolutely adore really bright, vibrant nail polishes, almost illuminous! Unfortunately finding a brand that doesn't go on like lightly tinted water is no mean feat, but I have hit the jackpot!!

I wandered into Hairspray on Henry street yesterday (admittedly, just to kill some time before an appointment) but ended up spending a small fortune! I made a bee line for the nail polish, I wasn't overwhelmed by the colour selection, but the orange immediately jumped out at me! It looks like a highligther orange in the bottle! I had wraps on my nails at the time, so couldn't try it in the shop (devastated!) but I thought I'd be adventurous and buy it anyway. Treat myself :) At just €2.99 I thought it deserved a try.

And I'm very glad I gave it the benefit of the doubt! It's fantastic! The first coat is a bit wishy-washy, but after a second coat it gets really, really bright! I have about 4 coats on at this stage, but that's only because I'm getting curious about just how bright it can go. I'm hoping that soon my nails will be visible from space!

I was very impatient, I couldn't wait to get home to remove the wraps from my nails. There's has also been no chipping as of yet, which is an achievement for any nail polish when it come's to my nails!

I have nothing but praise for this polish!! If you like illumious colours, this is most definitely worth the money!! Going to buy the illumious pink soon, hopefully I'll be just as impressed!