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Friday, September 4, 2015

Tonturing with Cocoa Brown

Tontouring is everywhere atm, and as the brain child of Tanning guru Marissa Carter it seemed like a good idea to try i out! It can seem a bit daunting, mastering contouring is hard enough without trying it with something you cant immediately scrub off!!

I have to's pretty easy to conquer, and is actually god fun! So, I've done up a quick step by step routine of how I achieved a ice, subtle look!

I used Gentle Bronze as a base to give my skin a natural looking glow.

I squirted out a blob of the 1 Hour tan (I used the dark shade) and using a flat contour brush I applied the tan to the hollow of my cheeks and blended. (If your brush is like mine it will absolutely hoover up the tan, so tread carefully!)

Then I used my fingers to gently blend the tan and ensure that there were no straight lines or tiger stripes.

And that's it! Once you take the plunge it's very simple. Just remember, it's easier to add than it is to remove, so start with small amounts of the darker tan and build on it!


Tonturing is a nifty little skill to master. I just throw on a bit of powder, mascara and brow powder and I've a 2 minute full face!

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Make up Revolution Ultra face base

Ever since Makeup Revolution popped up in my local Superdrug I've been a HUGE fan. I use their pallets almost daily as they're so versatile. I've dabbled in a few of their other products, but never their foundations as Superdrug never stocked my shade. (The MUR stand in my Superdrug is slim pickings at the best of times)

However, today they had it in stock (HALLELUJAH!!) so I dived on it. Now, Ultra face base is a BB cream foundation hybrid, and it's only €3.85, so I wasn't expecting miracles. But nothing ventured, nothing gained.

I used a MUR primer and applied using a flat brush and just tapped with a sponge. Well, initially I was blown away. The shade is perfect for pale skin (I used FB02) as it's pale but pink toned so doesn't leave you looking ghostly.

It's much fuller coverage than any BB cream I've ever used, in fact it's a fuller coverage than some medium-full foundations I've used. It covered all my redness without needing concealor. The formula itself is quite thick, but blends and builds perfectly, and doesn't create a mask like effect. In my opinion it left my skin looking quite porcelain and almost airbrushed.

Freshly applied
What I love most about this base is its lasting power. Lately, my make up has been needing almost hourly touch up's to cover shine, but I honestly have not had to touch my face up all day. It hasn't separated or gone patchy on my oily skin, whereas foundations (with a much higher price tag) would only last about 2-3 hours. It also doesn't feel heavy on my skin.
After 10 hours and 0 touch up's

 If you want a full coverage foundation with good lasting power, that's buildable and blends well, then you really can't get much better than Ultra Face in my opinion. It's worth every penny of its €3.85 price tag. I'm going to give it a few more uses, and investigate the different shades, but id already be fairly confident using this foundation on clients! 

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Simple skin care

I've been going through the ringer with my skin lately. It's been getting so oily towards the evening that my make up has been separating on my skin and just generally looking a bit.....crap. Its also getting a lot more sensitive so a lot of products I've tried have really aggravated it. It's been going through so many changes, both internal and external, that keeping on top of it is proving a challenge. Gone are the days when a quick scrub at night did the job.

We all know about the Simple skincare brand, it's a store staple. I've tried a few of their offerings, but being a bit curious I tend to float from brand to brand. Simple products are packed full of natural skin loving ingredients, and 0 preservatives. 

My first port of call was the Kind to skin Micellar water. I love this product! It's all natural and really removes every trace of make up, even waterproof liner or mascara. It also leaves my skin feeling spotlessly clean and refreshed. 

To help combat my new found oil problem I chose an Oil Balancing facial scrub and Oil Balancing daily moisturoiser. I use the scrub every 1-2 days, and the moisturoiser every day religiously. The both promise to cleanse and nourish the skin while helping to eliminate shine. But do they?

I've been using them every day for just over a week and I have to say that I am noticing a difference! It's small, but when it comes to skin care every little helps! I'm definitely going to continue using them to see the full effects, and will definitely be buying the micellar water again!

At the time of purchase all Simple skin care was coming in around the €3-5  and was on a 3 for 2 offer, so those 3 only cost me €6 at the till!