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Friday, September 4, 2015

Tonturing with Cocoa Brown

Tontouring is everywhere atm, and as the brain child of Tanning guru Marissa Carter it seemed like a good idea to try i out! It can seem a bit daunting, mastering contouring is hard enough without trying it with something you cant immediately scrub off!!

I have to's pretty easy to conquer, and is actually god fun! So, I've done up a quick step by step routine of how I achieved a ice, subtle look!

I used Gentle Bronze as a base to give my skin a natural looking glow.

I squirted out a blob of the 1 Hour tan (I used the dark shade) and using a flat contour brush I applied the tan to the hollow of my cheeks and blended. (If your brush is like mine it will absolutely hoover up the tan, so tread carefully!)

Then I used my fingers to gently blend the tan and ensure that there were no straight lines or tiger stripes.

And that's it! Once you take the plunge it's very simple. Just remember, it's easier to add than it is to remove, so start with small amounts of the darker tan and build on it!


Tonturing is a nifty little skill to master. I just throw on a bit of powder, mascara and brow powder and I've a 2 minute full face!

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