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Sunday, December 29, 2013

Christmas haul 2013

I was kinda unsure about doing a Christmas post at all this year as most of my gifts were intentionally non beauty related, but sure a bit of show and tell never hurt anyone. 

My poor mother god bless her hadn't a clue what to get me, so asked me out straight so there were no surprises in that department. That said, as always the presents from my parents were absolutely lovely. I got two dresses, a floor length dress from H&M to wear over Christmas, and a stunning black dress by Scarlett and Jo for Evans (above). The black one is being put up for a family wedding next year, so hopefully it'll give me some added incentive to kick my ass into gear in the new year.

There was a Babyliss curling wand, which I'm absolutely obsessed with. It give my hair beautiful, defined, long lasting curls.

My last little surprise was a gorgeous satchel style bag, I love it, it's very me! I don't know where she got it, I never do, she has a great eye for things like that.

My brother got me a flight case for all my nail gear, which will come in very handy in the new year please god!

The two gifts that really knock me for six, purely because they were so unexpected were the Urban Decay Smoked pallet that I got from my brother's girlfriend (along with a bottle of vodka, wahooo) and a Naked 2 pallet that I got from a very dear friend. To be honest, I haven't really gotten around to playing with either of them yet as I've been too lazy for the last few days to bother with make up, but I can't wait to get stuck in to both of  them.

Christmas was a bit of a weird one this year with my nan passing so close to Christmas itself. We all kinda struggled to find our festive spirit. But thanks to family and some very important people we managed to pull together and pay homage to the woman herself on Christmas eve the only way we know how- A stonking good sing song in the pub on Christmas eve.

I hope everyone had a really lovely few days spent with their nearest and dearest x I'd love to see all your goodies too so feel free to link me on Twitter or just pop a comment on this post and I'll be sure to have a look!

Saturday, December 7, 2013

St Tropez Bronzing Mousse

When you think of fake tans there's one brand that would rush to the front of most people's minds- St Tropez! From what I can gather the general opinion is, or was, that it's the holy grail of faking it. However, it's always sat very far outside my price range so I never really gave it a second thought. Sure why would I with so many reasonably priced options available that promise to do the exact same thing? But I found a 500ml bottle of St Tropez Bronzing mousse for €16.50 and I thought now was as good a time as any to try. I'm not a believer of only having a healthy glow during the summer months, if you do it right you can adapt your tan all year round.

I have used this tan twice since I bought it, both times my impressions have been distinctly...... meh. I'll start with the good points-

The mousse formula is super easy to apply.

It's a huge big bottle (which I've seen on sale elsewhere for a whopping €55) so you do get a fair bang for your buck.

It has a good colour guide so streaks and blotches are easily avoided.

I haven't yet encountered the dreaded biscuit smell.

It does develop into a really lovely golden colour, actually one of the nicest I've ever come across.


It has no staying power whatsoever. The bottle says to avoid getting wet for 8 hours. Ok, that's a bit of a pain but I can live with it. You may as well wash it all off immediately for all the good those 8 hours do. I woke up with a beautiful colour, washed my hands and then only from my wrists up had any colour. When I showered I lost any hint of colour, I was my natural white self.

It's totally unreliable. If someone accidentally spills something on you on a night out call a taxi, cos your night is over!  Like, this is worse than Sun Shimmer when threatened with moisture, it just gives up and goes home.

The bottle says to reapply every day or so, but unless you spend your days in a bubble, or in a world void of liquid, you'll be applying new tan over a blotchy mess, or you'll just be reapplying to clean skin and won't be building any colour at all.

I know people who absolutely swear by St Tropez and wouldn't hear of any other tan, I can't see why. I know I only paid €16.50, a bargain on the St Tropez price scale, but from a more realistic point of view that's 2 bottles of Cocoa Brown, a much better and more wearable tan in every way! Maybe this new breed of affordable tans have spoiled me and I just expect too much from all fake tans now.

My verdict- if I could I'd go get my money back! And then go buy some Cocoa Brown because it's everything St Tropez wants to be but isn't.
Streaks the hound left me (10 hours after application)

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Seventeen Stay Time Foundation

Love love love love love!! I'm actually surprised by how much I love this foundation!

A few months ago I bought Seventeen's Miracle Matte foundation and was so disappointed by it t hat I kinda swore off their foundation for good (everything about that foundation was  bad, it oxidized really obviously, was streaky and blotchy, just...ugh). However during my last little excursion to Boots I couldn't resist the lure of a bargain and picked up their Stay Time foundation for €4. It was strange, in one Boots it was €4, but the Boots around the corner were still selling it at full price......

Anyhow, I really wanted to LOVE this foundation, as I'm very fond of Seventeen as a brand, their eyeshadow's and Doll'd Up mascara are some of my absolute beauty staples! I can happily say that I'm incredibly happy with it, it knocked my, admittedly quite low, expectations outta the park.

Stay time promises to be a full coverage (yay) that will stay flawless on your skin for 25 hours. While I've yet to test the 25 hour part, I can vouch for the rest. I need a full coverage foundation, this comes out of the bottle quite thick but spreads really easily and evenly (I applied it with a Blank Canvas F20 foundation brush). My skin tone is immediately more even and any imperfections are really well hidden with this foundation, so much so I've little need for concealer. It does dry with a bit of a shine so a finishing powder is always necessary if you like a matte finish. It's definitely very long lasting, I applied it early yesterday morning and it still looked fresh when it was time to scrub it all off, it even survived a little early evening cat nap. One of my favourite things is that it doesn't oxidise at all so you don't start with a flawless base and end up 3 shades darker by the time you finish your make up.

I picked it up in Porcelain and I'm white as a ghost so it's really good for fellow palies! I'm so very impressed with this foundation, so much so I'll be popping back up to see if I can bag another bottle for €4! If not, I'd happily pay full price for it (which is coming up as €4.79 on the Boots website as it's just that good. But I've a horrible feeling they may be discontinuing it.... which would just be typical!

Monday, December 2, 2013

Mini Boots haul December 2nd

Today I indulged myself in a little bit of retail therapy, which I think is quite well deserved after a really hellish week last week. I had no intentions of buying anything. ... but Barry M had a special offer on, then there was a little sale basket when I got up to the till. Im only one woman, there's only so much I can resist.

My first little splurge was on a Barry M eyeshadow and nail polish, and because I spent over €9 I got a free special effects glitter polish worth €5.99 absolutely free!! The polish I bought is a lovely autumnal red, I love it. And the glitter goes on really thick and is really holographic on. The shadow is a lovely light bronze colour with a gorgeous shimmer.

So I went up to the till thinking I'd been really good only technically buying 2 things.... then the sale basket got me.... I got-

Seventeen Stay Time foundation €4
Seventeen Stay Pout (Date Night) €2
St Tropez Bronzing Mousse (500ml) €16.50
Whoops....... still though, I think I got some great bargains there!

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Our Little Secret hair extensions

As many of you know I recently got hair extensions applied by a company called Our Little Secret. I applied to be a model for one of their training courses, which meant I got a discount and paid €89 for a "full head" of single strand extensions, €89 more than they were worth imo. As you will also know if you read my blog, I generally love to give credit where credit is do, and rarely write a bad review.

Firstly, let me say that my problem is not in any way related to the people running the course. The guy who did my hair was lovely, as was the trainer. My problem is with the quality of extensions I received on the day being so poor that I had to pay to have them removed after less than 2 weeks.

When I applied to be a model I explicitly explained that I had had a very bad experience with micro bead extensions before and was very dubious about getting them again. I was repeatedly assured that the beads used were so small that they would be virtually invisible in my hair, and was linked to the below picture as proof. That all looked very convincing to me, so I followed through.

Image from
How obvious the beads were.

While my extensions were being applied (which took about 5 hours but I was prepared for that) I was very aware that there wasn't an awful lot of hair being used. When the trainer brushed my hair through on the day it looked fine, unfortunately I'm not a professional stylist so it never looked that way again.

I first started noticing problems when I tried to tie my hair up. The beads were painfully obvious from every angle, as you can see below. They were also sore for nearly 4 day after, again something I was assured wouldn't happen. They were so sparse that I couldn't wear my hair down as the extensions were very ratty, gappy and wispy, basically it was blatantly obvious that I had extensions in.

I emailed Our little secret on the 4th day that I was in discomfort explaining the situation and with pictures of the state of my hair. When they replied they said that extensions can take up to a week to settle and "bulk out", contrary to what was said on the day. I gave them the benefit of the doubt and persevered.

After a week and a half there was absolutely no improvement. If anything they looked worse as almost every time I brushed my hair I was losing strands, before taking them out I lost 7 strands. On the day we were told we could lose between 1-5 strands, but any more than that is excessive. I explained this in my email too.

I had to get the extensions removed during the week, leaving me a further €50 out of pocket. The hairdresser removed a total of 68 strands, plus the 7 that fell out makes 75 individual strands, which for someone with quite thick hair is just no where near enough.

For nearly 2 weeks I had hair that I just couldn't do anything with. At no stage in my correspondence with the company did I ask for a refund, as I knew I was part of a training course. That said, the quality of the extensions I was left with was still tied to their company, and was a reflection on them, it's not a reflection I would want on my company. In the last email I received from them i was offered €89 off a full head of extensions (valued at €299-599) as a goodwill gesture, but once bitten twice shy, I wouldn't even trust them to remove the extensions. I'm sure anyone would be extremely reluctant to let anyone near their hair who had done such a bad job in the first place. I told them this, and explained that I feel that they should at least cover the cost of having them removed, and they never replied. Their attitude towards an dissatisfied customer seems to be 'ignore them and hope they go away'. Their customer service leaves an awful lot to be desired.

If anyone is thinking of taking part in one of their training courses I urge you to tread very carefully. I am now €149 out of pocket for absolutely nothing. I would never recommend them to anyone. Had they had dealt with my complaint better I probably never would have written this review but I think that people should be aware that if they are unhappy with the level of service they receive from Our Little Secret that they will do virtually nothing for you to rectify it.

Friday, November 15, 2013

Waxperts in Zinc Hair and Beauty

Today I took a HUGE step and braved my first ever all off Brazilian wax. To say I was nervous would be an understatement. Not so much about the pain, more so about lying legs akimbo in front of some poor stranger.

I've been shaving for years, but having to do it so often and having almost constant razor burn for the sake of a day or two of being smooth has gotten really tiresome. So a few weeks ago I got in touch with the lovely folk at Waxperts and was talking to Trish who very kindly put me in touch with my nearest Waxperts salon, Zinc Hair and Beauty in Kilmainham.

I was super impressed with the salon, everyone was absolutely lovely from the second I walked in. I was even given a coffee with a little mars bar! The salon is decorated really girly and classy, and was really comfortable to wait in. I was booked in with Tanya, who was brilliant! She was nice and chatty and kept me distracted by talking throughout the entire wax, so I wasn't even concentrating on it at all. I really couldn't praise her enough. She made me feel so comfortable, and told me loads about Waxperts!

Onto the waxing itself! As I said, I was nervous, and had worked myself up quite a bit. But to be honest, there was no point. Yes, it did sting, but literally for about 3 seconds. The entire experience felt much gentler on the skin. Normally after any waxing the skin can be quite tender and sore, and you'd know you had something done. By the time I was walking to my car I'd almost forgotten I'd been waxed! It was so much less daunting in every way than I'd built myself up for. I almost felt embarrassed for being so embarrassed!

So would I go back? Absolutely! I've already booked my next appointment and threw all my razors in the bin when I got home. If, like me, you're too afraid to wax, don't be! It's nowhere near as bad as you think. And don't be embarrassed either! Just remember that this is their job! They see countless clients a week, you'll be no different!

Finally, I just want to thank everyone in Zinc and Waxperts for the fantastic service I got today! I can see myself becoming a Waxperts addict!

You can get any info you need about Waxperts and find your local salon by getting in touch via Facebook or Twitter

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

HD Brows in Nu Essence Beauty

A few weeks ago I replied to a tweet looking for models for HD Brows. I'd been toying with the idea of getting them done for a while, but both the cost and how precious I am about my brows always put me off. Your brows can really make or break the overall look of your entire face, so once I find a waxer I like I tend to stick to them like glue.  Being between waxes because my current waxer is on maternity leave I jumped at the opportunity of getting them done in Nu Essence, and I'm so glad I did!

Firstly, I was running about 20 minutes late, and the girls were completely accommodating. The salon itself is really lovely and relaxing,  and I felt really at ease as soon as I walked in.
My brows were done by Joanie, who was brilliant. She talked me through every detail,  and always made sure I was comfortable and happy with what she was doing. Her attention to detail was amazing,  she tweazed and threaded my brows to perfection. Even the waxing was so much less painful than I'm accustomed to. I haven't touched them in weeks so they were really unruly, and one brow is naturally fuller than the other so she really had her work cut out for her. She even custom mixed my colour so I have lovely cool toned brown brows that really suit my complexion and hair colour.

I'm so, so happy I took the plunge,  and couldn't thank or recommended Nu Essence enough. Everything was absolutely lovely and I'll definitely be going back to keep up my new brows.

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Living with mental illness

This post is completely out of character for my blog, I rarely post anything of a personal nature. But my life has taken a turn in the last week or so, and this issue is weighing heavily on my mind. I feel like if I don't get what I have to say out in some form I will explode. I've never felt frustration, despair or sheer anger like this issue has caused me, and those closest to me.

The only bit of background I can give you is that we have been living with mental illness in the family for the last 9 years. My brother supposedly (I say supposedly only because I don't believe that is his definitive diagnosis) has a mental illness called semataphorm, an illness that constantly causes him to think and feel like he is dying. He has constant panic and anxiety attacks and for this he was prescribed a drug called Zimovane, which he quickly became heavily addicted to and which now rules his, and by extension, our lives. He took Zimovane to such an extent (10+ a day) purely so he could function. He was also a very heavy drinker, one who would be bed ridden with the hangover for 3 days, but didn't have the intelligence to connect the two. He regularly threatens to kill himself, but when he presents himself at a hospital he is turned away.

He was thrown out of the family home, where I still live, because his illness and addiction led him to steal from us all, and steal my mothers bank card to use online (it's politically correct to say his mental illness made him do it, in my opinion he is a morally vapid low life who cares about nothing but himself, a crippling opinion to have of your big brother). Besides being a thief, he is also a bully and an abuser. He gives us all an awful life, but to an outsider he is the most well adjusted, happy chappy you could meet once he has zimovane or alcohol in his system. And now he is home again. Today for example, while my parents were out he had an attack. My evening then involved me hiding in my room while he screamed for my help from the sitting room, dry retching and begging me to drop him to a hospital, standing in my bedroom sobbing because in his head he was dying, then calling me every name under the sun when I refused. That is a standard day in my house. He begs and pleads like a child to be brought to a hospital, purely so he can feel safe.

I guess the point of this post is purely to rant about how shitty mental illness is. My brother's illness has absolutely tore my family apart, and I have no doubt that the stress it has caused my parents will be the death of them. They are both two thoroughly broken individuals, and that breaks my heart. Finding my mam sobbing at the kitchen table is just something that happens now. Saying this will make me sound like the most selfish individual in the world, but a lot of the time I feel burdened and forgotten about. I have been living with this since I was a young teen, all the while working through my own battle with depression, one that I haven't fully come through, but can proudly say I'm on top of. No one who knows the extent of the situation ever asks how I am. No one asks if I'm ok, everyone assumes I am. My brother's mental illness hasn't just claimed one victim, it's claimed 4. He may not be my child but I have to watch what he's doing to my parents, and the pain he causes, and it's extremely hard to live with, because I love them dearly and they are suffering. It's dragging us down a black hole and we just can't find a way out. Every time we think there's a light at the end of the tunnel its quickly extinguished. The only way I can describe our day to day life is.... hard. It's so hard to remain patient and understanding. My lack of tolerance with him, because of the way he treats us, really makes me doubt myself. Am I a horrible person because I just can't stand to be in the same room as him? There's only so much you can blame on illness.

To top thing off my brother is a father. He has one of the most beautiful, intelligent, and entertaining two year old's I have ever seen. She is absolutely glorious, and oblivious. It breaks my heart that she was born into this, and will likely grow up feeling the a similar way about her father as I do, a mixture of  pity and resentment.

Please don't misinterpret this post, I am by no means trying to vilianize my brother, or make him sound like some sort of monster. But nothing I have written is untrue. He has become completely consumed by his illness, it has taken over his world, and most of ours. I would have a lot more respect for him if he didn't fight help every step of the way, but he does. In his head, he is physically ill, not mentally. I know he didn't ask for any of this, no one invites mental illness in their front door, but neither did I and it is a part of my every day life.

As it stands the only way I can live my life is to try stay as far away from him as possible, which is difficult in a 4 bedroom house. There are times I just want to scream at my parents for not adopting a more tough love approach, and reminding myself that he is as much their child I am is very difficult when im miserable because he's gone off on a tirade.

I realise this has made very little sense, but my shoulders feel a little bit lighter

Sammy Fat Hair Thickening Creme

I was browsing in Superdrug last night and came across this hair care brand that I have never heard of before. It was all half price, and the range included a  shampoo, conditioner, masque and creme, all aimed to thicken your hair and give you lots of volume. I'm constantly on a quest for big hair, and as this was half price it seemed silly to not try at least one of the products. 

I opted for the creme, which you apply to towel dried hair and style as usual. The creme itself has a lovely clean,  fruity smell and is easy to dispense evenly through your hair. 

But did it do anything? In my opinion, kind of! I have hair that is naturally quite thick anyway,  but I'd never fall out with extra volime, which my hair seemed to have. I'd be very interested in using the entire range together to see what the results are. 

Thursday, October 31, 2013

5 minute Halloween face

I had my Halloween night out on Saturday, so that was my night to get all dressed up. I was taking my niece trick or treating so I wanted to have a really quick, simple costume, just to get in the spirit of things.

This look literally took all of 5 minutes as it was just added to tge make up i was already wearing, and cost nothing as I already had everything used.

The eyeshadow is from my Sleek Acid pallet. I used NYC liquid liner on my upper lid, and NYC black glitter kohl on my inner and lower eye. I also used the kohl for my nose and whiskers.

And here's my busy little bee ready for her first ever trick or treating. My heart!!

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Sally Hanson Hard as Nails Xtreme wear

While in Dealz earlier today this bright pink polish caught my eye. Normally once autumn sets in I'm all about dark colours, but this looked so neon I just couldn't resist. Plus, a Sally Hanson polish for €1.49 would be stupid to pass up, right? Wrong.

I absolutely love the colour in the bottle, but it came out much duller on a clean nail, so I applied it over a white base. I should state that the base was absolutely bone dry, so is in no way to blame. The colour did come out much more vibrant over the base, but that is where the good points end.

The polish doesn't dry properly, so it dents and chips at the slightest touch. About an hour after painting my nails, I curled my hands up my sleeves to try and warm them up, and you can see the results. They are a disgrace!

I'm really disappointed in thia polish! I'm not sure if it was a different formula because it was being sold in Dealz or if this is standard of all Sally Hanson polishes? I know it was only €1.49, but it was €1.49 for a polish I'll likely never use again!

Has anyone else ever had any experiences like this with Sally Hanson?

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

MUA Smokin' pallet

I stumbled across this little gem on Instagram and have been on the hunt for it for weeks. My local SuperDrug has a really shocking MUA stand, it's always half empty! So I was very shocked to see plenty of the new Smokin' pallets on the stand! Gimme!

I did try talk myself outta buying it, mainly because I'm in a bit of a stinker with superdrug at the moment. I told myself that I probably wouldn't wear any of the colours..... lies! I adore the colours, particularly the jewel toned ones, they're so rich and autumny looking!

You can't really make out the top two shades, they are extremely light. But all the shades seem to blend really well and are extremely pigmented, not unusual for MUA to be fair.

As always,  the packaging is simple and convenient, and it's a perfect multi purpose pallet to throw in your bag for a weekend away as it's so versatile. 

There are just 2 things im not massively fond of with this pallet, 1- the eyeliner doesn't come with a lid and 2- there's no brush. Given the €7.75 price tag, the fact that i probably won't even use the Kohl liner, and probably just used my own brushes anyway, they're things I can definitely overlook. 

Monday, October 7, 2013

Blank Canvas F20 buffer brush and E32 blending brush

Blank Canvas very kindly donated an F20 buffer brush and E32 crease blending brush for each goody bag at the SBBC wrap up party. My current make up brushes are on their last legs and are begging to be retired so when I saw these I was like a kid in a candy shop, I couldn't wait to get home and play with them.

I used them both for the first time today and I'm so, so impressed. The F20's synthetic fibers are packed really densely and it's extremely sturdy, but still feels so soft and luxurious on your face. I found applying my make up with the F20 to be much faster than my flat brush, and left me with a more even, streak free, flawless finish. I also love the design of the brush, the pink handle is very cute and girly. One of the most annoying things about foundation brushes is when they leave little hairs behind on your face, but there was absolutely no fallout with the F20 I can absolutely see why it's one of their best sellers!

The E32 is made from incredibly soft, high grade goat hair and is easy to manoeuvre so it makes getting your eyeshadow blended right into the crease of your lid a doddle. I found my eyeshadow went on evenly, and blended out perfectly from the crease with minimal effort. 

The F20 sells at €13.99 and the E32 is €7.99, both can be bought from the Blank Canvas website. I'll personally be investing in a lot more of their brushes as both the brushes I have used seem to be great quality, effective, and well worth what they cost. I really cant wait to try more!

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Seventeen Poreless Flawless primer

I was really intrigued by this primer as I've never seen one in a cake form before. I bought it yesterday and used it for the first time this morning. Im really impressed with it!

It's a peachy/fleshy colour in the pan and has a really balmy texture. I used my fingers to apply, at first you had to really work your fingers into the product to get any out, but it soon heats up from the heat of your fingers and become really easy to use.

Once on the skin I found it really easy to blend. I loved the matte finish, my skin looked almost airbrushed. I also found that it really minimized pores and blemishes on my t-zone and problem area's. It also made my foundation really glide onto my skin really smoothly and evenly. 

Poreless Flawless Primer is currently on special in Boots for just under €8.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Shopping spree!

A gift voucher to the value of €75 came through my letter box this morning, and after a few moments of celebratory dancing I high tailed it to the nearest shopping centre to spend it. It's actually slightly upsetting how quickly I blew through it! But I somehow managed to save a tenner!

My first stop was to SuperDrug to see if they had the new Smoking eyes pallet. ..... but I was disappointed. Actually their MUA stand was very bare, but I managed to snag the last heaven and earth pallet.

Next, I popped into Hairspray to see if they had any of the €10 innovative fibre clip in hair extensions. I love these. They're not real hair, but they look like it, and you can straighten and curl them as if they were. I have 2 of these now, and when I clip both in my hair looks incredibly full ad luscious. I rarely wear clip in's so the price is phenomenal value. If anyone is looking for cheap extensions just for occasional wear I couldn't recommend these enough.

I made a quick stop in H&M where I just bought a cute skull jumper. I'm really fond of it, I love anything with a skull motif.

Then I hit Boots like a hurricane! They're still running their Buy one get one half price promo so it was really hard to reign myself in. I went nuts at the SEVENTEEN stand, picking up the Miracle Matte foundation and pressed powder, the new Flawless Poreless primer and rebuying Doll'd Up mascara, all for less than €22. Also, because I spent over €20 I got a fiver worth of points on my Boots card!

Lastly, a quick visit to Terrisales to pick up some individual lash extentions and glue.

I'm really happy with how I spent the gift card, and think I did quite well considering I have over a tenner left on it! I can't wait to play with all the make up, but I'm gonna try to be good and put it away until my new brushes arrive....... as if.

Saturday, September 21, 2013

SBBC Day 20- 10 under €10!

This is like my dream topic, basically everything in my make up collection cost less than a tenner. Spending the last few years with very little disposable income has given me a great nose for a bargain! The only hard thing about this post will be whittling it down to 10! They're in no particular order here!

10- Cocoa Brown 1 hour tan- Buy it once, wear it once, love it forever. I'm never without a bottle.... or 4!

9- Rimmel Stay Matte foundation- I've been meaning to throw up a post about this for a while. I picked it up for just €5.95 (introductory offer) because the shade seemed pale enough for me. I've always found that even the palest Rimmel shades just don't match me, so was a bit skeptical, but I quite like the matte finish and the colour is a really good match! I'll get a review up asap!

8- NYC Liquid liner- If you read my blog you'll know I'm an avid devotee of this €2.59 eyeliner so I won't bore you with the details. Take my advice and buy it!

7- John Frieda 3 Day straight- I love this product. It makes my hair sleek, straight and manageable. I picked up my last bottle on special in Dunnes for €5.39.

6- Cocoa Brown Tough Stuff- This is a fantasic little exfoliator, I use it even when I'm not prepping for tanning. You can pick it up anywhere that sells Cocoa Brown for just €2.50. I can't wait for the tube to come out in October!

5- Seventeen Doll'd Up mascara- At under €8 this is one of my favourite ever mascara's. It beats the socks off some of the more expensive mascara's I've used hands down, and is actually one of the very few mascara's I repeat buy!

4- Cien Anti aging hand cream- I always have a tube of this around to keep my hands soft. It's also great for healing up damaged cuticles, which I suffer from desperately. I wouldn't even know about it if it wasn't for my mother so I'll have to thank her. Comes in at less than €2.

3- PRO:VOKE A touch of silver purple shampoo- When I was platinum blonde I wen't through so many bottles of this that I could have taken out shares in the company. Since I've changed colour I do use it less, but I still always have a bottle handy to combat any yellow tones in my hair. €4.91 in Boots.

2- Sleek iDivine Acid Pallet- I got this as a present from a very good friend and it's just so much fun to play around with! Most of the Sleek pallets come in under a tenner, and given the pigmentation they are well worth it! I'll definitely be picking up more when I have access to a card for online shopping! You can see some of the looks I played around with in the link.

1- Collection 2000 Pressed powder- Another repeat buy, it's so cheap and so handy. Less tha €4 and I find that it keeps my make up set for hours and gives me a lovely matte finish!

So that's it!! 10 under €10! Who says looking great has to be expensive?

SBBC- Day 19- €250 shopping spree

€250 is honestly a huge amount of money to me right now, as I'm sure it is to most people, so as huge as the urge to blow it all in Penney's and Boots would be, I think I'd have to spend the money on something useful.

For the last few months I've wanted to do a nail course, so I think I'd either put the money towards the cost of a course, or spend it on putting my own kit together. Then I could continue saving for a course that will allow me to train on my own kit and do it at a later date. The ultimate goal would be to be able to be a freelance nail technician, all the while saving to do other courses like tanning and eyelash extensions, so I can offer more.

Having such a fancy array of products just sitting there that I can't use would be a killer, but worth it in the long run!

From pink to blonde!

Finished product with some Hairspray clip in extensions

After months of being pink I decided it was time to join the realm of the fully fledged grown ups and dye my hair a natural colour. I did toy with the idea of an autumn red colour, but after years of running away from my ginger roots, I finally decided to go for blonde.


The process of going from pink to blonde was always going to cause damage to my hair, so before reaching for the bleach I spent weeks growing and washing out the pink. There was a lot of pink build up so I would shampoo my hair twice every time I showered. The day I bleached it there was barely any pink left from the ends up to about my ears, but my crown was still fairly pink.

To bleach out the pink I used a powder bleach and 12% peroxide I got in Terrisales. I left it my roots and crown for about 7-10 minutes,  then brought it down to the ends. I new the result was going to be a bit yucky, yellow-y, a real mish mash of colours. After washing out the bleach I used the John Frieda full repair mask on my hair just to minimize the damage.

After the first bleach (also make up free, gasp!!)

I knew I wanted to darken the colour, it was just far too bright for my skin tone. I settled on this L'Oreal Preference dye in 9.13 light beige blonde. I picked this because it was darker than the colour my hair was, but still a nice light blonde. I left it in for the 30 minutes as stated in the instructions. While it was developing I was convinced my hair was getting a greyish tinge and started to get very worried! But it washed out blonde. 

And below is the end result! It's going to take some getting used to, but I do really like it! I think im going to stick with natural colours from now on. .... but I've said that many times before! 

After L'Oreal Preference Beige blonde

My hair had repaired itself quite a bit while it was pink, because the bulk of it was only ever getting touched up with Crazy color,  which is a conditioning colour. I was worried about undoing all that progress, but thankfully it doesn't look or feel to bad at all!  It'll be getting lots of extra tlc over the coming weeks. 

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

SBBC Day 18- Desert Island beauty

I'm fully aware that half the products I'm bringing with me to this desert island are useless without modern technology, but the desert island I'm going to comes equipped with hair dryers, straighteners, tanning mitts and make remover. Got that? Okay lets go!!

 1- Sudocrem- There's been a tube of this knocking around my room since I got my first ever pimple, and there will always be a tube of it somewhere. Got a pimple? Put some Sudocrem on it. Get a little burn? Sudocrem that thang! Arm fall of? Sudocrem will fix it! Magic stuff!

2- Schwarzkopf Got to be Oilicious- I only bought this recently, but I really like it. I put it on my hair once it's dry and find it makes my hair really manageable and soft. Also gives it a nice shine.

3- NYC Liquid eyeliner- Are you starting to figure out that I really REALLY love this eyeliner?? It's just the bomb, I'm never without t!

4- Essence eyebrow pencil- This is almost a staple item for me, so cheap and effective, and much handier to carry around than an eyebrow kit.

5- Mascara- I have SEVENTEEN Back Lash mascara pictured there, but basically whatever mascara I'm favouring at the time I'm abandoned on this devil island.

6- Cocoa Brown- One would think that one wouldn't need fake tan when you're stranded on a desert island..... but one would be very, very wrong. I could live on said island for a thousand years and still wouldn't tan. Can't beat a bit of Cocoa Brown for a quick sun fix.

7- L'Oreal True Match- My favourite foundation, and probably the only one I'd trust for a night out. If it can last a boozey night in O'Rielly's, a desert island will be a breeze!

8- PRO:VOKE Touch of silver brightening shampoo- When my hair is blonde, which it will be again by tonight, this shampoo is my best friend. It really gets rid of any yellow tones and is a bargain at €4.19.

9- John Frieda 3 Days Straight- Ever since I got a bottle of this to try at a Slattery's Communications event I've been absolutely in love with it. It's just marvelous stuff! I'm all fingers and thumbs when it comes to straight blow dry's, but even so my hair is lovely and straight until it's next wash! I'm nearly through my second bottle now!

10- Eyelure Dyelash 45 day mascara- I was afflicted with exceptionally fair brows and lashes so unless I tint them they're snow white and I look like an alien! Don't get me wrong, some people can absolutely rock fair brows, but I just can't, my face needs the structure. I use this on both my brows and lashes and find it great, it's really easy to mix and the colour is really long lasting!

So there we have it, my 10 desert island items..... It was like Sophie's Choice :(

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

SBBC Day 17- BB Creams smeebee creams!

Remember when they first came on the scene and everyone lost their collective minds because they were meant to be the BEST thing to happen to foundation in years? Well..... They lied!

First, lets start with the more budget brand BB's, think Essence, NYC, Collection 2000 etc, all next to useless.

These brands just completely forget the cool toned pale girls. The only way any of these would be remotely wearable on my skin tone would be if I diluted it heavily with moisturoiser, but then it's basically just a tinted moisturoiser and offer no where near the coverage I'd want. That said, you aren't going to be going far above €6 for any of them, so if you're a warmer skin tone, probably worth a look!

Lets take it up a notch and look at offerings from the likes of L'Oreal, Rimmel, Garnier, and Maybelline. Again, the exact same problem as their cheaper counterparts. The L'Oreal Nude magique BB Cream seemed really promising at first, and I got quite excited that it was going to adapt to MY skin tone.... well I don't who's skin it was adapting to, but I was left with a ring of shame that would rival any full coverage foundation. As with a lot of their face products, Rimmel once again underestimated how pale one can be with their BB cream. The Garnier 'fair' shade is actually almost hilarious in how un-fair it is!

The one and only BB cream that has ever even remotely come close to matching my skin tone is the MUA one in the lightest shade, and to be fair, it really is quite good. I'm never going to be a BB addict, because I'll always prefer a full coverage, but if I ever was to wear one it would definitely be MUA.