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Thursday, October 31, 2013

5 minute Halloween face

I had my Halloween night out on Saturday, so that was my night to get all dressed up. I was taking my niece trick or treating so I wanted to have a really quick, simple costume, just to get in the spirit of things.

This look literally took all of 5 minutes as it was just added to tge make up i was already wearing, and cost nothing as I already had everything used.

The eyeshadow is from my Sleek Acid pallet. I used NYC liquid liner on my upper lid, and NYC black glitter kohl on my inner and lower eye. I also used the kohl for my nose and whiskers.

And here's my busy little bee ready for her first ever trick or treating. My heart!!

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Sally Hanson Hard as Nails Xtreme wear

While in Dealz earlier today this bright pink polish caught my eye. Normally once autumn sets in I'm all about dark colours, but this looked so neon I just couldn't resist. Plus, a Sally Hanson polish for €1.49 would be stupid to pass up, right? Wrong.

I absolutely love the colour in the bottle, but it came out much duller on a clean nail, so I applied it over a white base. I should state that the base was absolutely bone dry, so is in no way to blame. The colour did come out much more vibrant over the base, but that is where the good points end.

The polish doesn't dry properly, so it dents and chips at the slightest touch. About an hour after painting my nails, I curled my hands up my sleeves to try and warm them up, and you can see the results. They are a disgrace!

I'm really disappointed in thia polish! I'm not sure if it was a different formula because it was being sold in Dealz or if this is standard of all Sally Hanson polishes? I know it was only €1.49, but it was €1.49 for a polish I'll likely never use again!

Has anyone else ever had any experiences like this with Sally Hanson?

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

MUA Smokin' pallet

I stumbled across this little gem on Instagram and have been on the hunt for it for weeks. My local SuperDrug has a really shocking MUA stand, it's always half empty! So I was very shocked to see plenty of the new Smokin' pallets on the stand! Gimme!

I did try talk myself outta buying it, mainly because I'm in a bit of a stinker with superdrug at the moment. I told myself that I probably wouldn't wear any of the colours..... lies! I adore the colours, particularly the jewel toned ones, they're so rich and autumny looking!

You can't really make out the top two shades, they are extremely light. But all the shades seem to blend really well and are extremely pigmented, not unusual for MUA to be fair.

As always,  the packaging is simple and convenient, and it's a perfect multi purpose pallet to throw in your bag for a weekend away as it's so versatile. 

There are just 2 things im not massively fond of with this pallet, 1- the eyeliner doesn't come with a lid and 2- there's no brush. Given the €7.75 price tag, the fact that i probably won't even use the Kohl liner, and probably just used my own brushes anyway, they're things I can definitely overlook. 

Monday, October 7, 2013

Blank Canvas F20 buffer brush and E32 blending brush

Blank Canvas very kindly donated an F20 buffer brush and E32 crease blending brush for each goody bag at the SBBC wrap up party. My current make up brushes are on their last legs and are begging to be retired so when I saw these I was like a kid in a candy shop, I couldn't wait to get home and play with them.

I used them both for the first time today and I'm so, so impressed. The F20's synthetic fibers are packed really densely and it's extremely sturdy, but still feels so soft and luxurious on your face. I found applying my make up with the F20 to be much faster than my flat brush, and left me with a more even, streak free, flawless finish. I also love the design of the brush, the pink handle is very cute and girly. One of the most annoying things about foundation brushes is when they leave little hairs behind on your face, but there was absolutely no fallout with the F20 I can absolutely see why it's one of their best sellers!

The E32 is made from incredibly soft, high grade goat hair and is easy to manoeuvre so it makes getting your eyeshadow blended right into the crease of your lid a doddle. I found my eyeshadow went on evenly, and blended out perfectly from the crease with minimal effort. 

The F20 sells at €13.99 and the E32 is €7.99, both can be bought from the Blank Canvas website. I'll personally be investing in a lot more of their brushes as both the brushes I have used seem to be great quality, effective, and well worth what they cost. I really cant wait to try more!