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Thursday, June 6, 2013

#JuneBBC day 4- favourite foundation

As a pale girl, foundation can either bring me untold joy, or complete sorrow. Im either too yellow, too orange or too pink. It's so hard to find that one foundation that just ticks all the boxes- matches your skin tone, gives you a good full coverage, and stays put for the day. I absolutely despise the ring of shame, but unfortunately a lot of the leading "budget" brands leave me looking like something out of Charlie and the chocolate factory.

As a rule I stay away from the foundations of Rimmel, Collection 2000, natural collection,  and most high street brands to be honest,  because they just don't cater for the paler lady. The only high street brands that have ever come close to my skin tone are Revlon and L,oreal.

My foundation of choice is L'Oréal,  either true match Ivorie rose or Infallible Porcelain. Both give a great coverage,  match my skin tone almost perfectly and stay put all day. They are both my go to foundation. I would highly recommend them.

There are also some more expensive brands that would satisfy all my expectations. I'm in a habit of living off sample's at this stage because I refuse to spend €30+ on a foundation that doesn't look good in every light. For example, I have tried samples of almost every MAC foundation available, and not one of those sample's has convinced me to buy a full bottle. My advice would be to never buy from a brand that won't give you a sample to take home and sample in every light. What looks good in store may not look as good in natural light. If a brand expects you to be loyal to them in future,  they should work to get you in the first place. The best brands for samples, I've found, are Inglot, Estee Lauder and Yves Saint L'aurent, they give you about a weeks worth of foundation in a little pot so you can be completely sure it's the right foundation for you.


  1. Have you tried Max Factor? Their weightless foundation and CC creams are pretty good for pale shades! But totally understand how you feel, it's incredibly annoying when brands don't do the proper pale shades or don't over samples!

  2. Like you, I'm always on the search for a uber pale fopundation, but I love high coverage. I like Inglot Cream Foundation AMC (I think thats the name), in their lightest shade LW100 - BUT the coverage is poor and I find the consistency sooooo greasy. It has ruined my foundation brushes.

    I will defintely try the L'Oreal one now, thanks for the recommendation!

  3. I have no time for Inglot foundations. I got my make up done there on Wednesday and left like an oompa loompa. I was so unimpressed.

    L'Oréal are definitely my go to foundations. I love everything about them, colour, coverage and longevity. And they're not that pricey in comparison to others!

    I've tried loads of max factor foundations, and I've always found them good, but not great. Really want to try their new cc cream though!