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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

SBBC Day 10- My pet peeves

Ohhhhhh, where to begin! Im normally quite a tolerant person, we all make mistakes, but when it comes to make up there are certain things I just can't abide. When I occasionally fall guilty of them myself it's all I can do not to run home and weep into my make up remover. So let's have a look at a few things that make my toes curl with embarrassment

Eyebrows so large they should have their own postcode- some people can pull off the bushy brow, try picture Cara Delavigine without her signature brows, it's hilarious! Most people, however, cannot. Pick your brow shape to suit your face, not to follow a trend!

Drawn on brows- Drawing eyebrows on babies and pets- HILARIOUS. Drawing eyebrows on yourself as part of your super serious make up routine makes baby Jesus cry. On behalf of all people everywhere, please stop that. 

Spider lashes- there's a fine line between adding that extra layer of mascara that makes your lashes look full and fanned out, and the layer that makes you look like you have 3 lashes.

The ring of shame- we've all been guilty of it at one stage. Thankfully most of us grow out of it when our mother/sister/stranger on the street slaps us and teaches us how to blend. Alas Horatio,  not everyone pays attention.

Marshmallow head- also known as the reverse ring of shame. It can actually be tricky to bronze your face up right if you're not used to wearing tan, so im slightly more lenient on this faux pax. But seriously!.... draft in some help if needs be. Looking like you went on holiday but left your head at home has never worked. For anyone. Ever.

The attack of the mascara wand- eyeshadow-perfect, eyeliner- beautiful, foundation- stellar job you did there! Would be a shame if something came along and ruined it all, like, I dunno..... a mascara wand RIGHT ON YOUR EYEBALL!!!!! Give me strength.

Rain sabotage- nothing worse than having an uncharacteristically good hair day, and just while your getting used to basking in your good hair glow BOOM!! Rain. Rain everywhere. And of course you don't have an umbrella because that would just be too sensible

Pink tooth- Lippy is lovely on your lips, not so lovely on your pearly whits. And how would you even know if not for the kindness of strangers? Oh the hugemanity :(

Leaky eye syndrome- You know those beautiful summer days where the sun is shining, the birds are chirping and the pollen is sky high? They suck!! Many days I have left the house with fabulous eye make up, and returned looking like an escaped panda. Nothing is truly waterproof. Long live autumn!


  1. I loved all of these but quite literally lol'd at the "attack of the mascara wand", so true!!!

  2. Gas!!! The leaky eye syndrome-best way to ever describe that!!

  3. Really funny post! I agree so much with you on the spider lashes!

  4. Thanks so much for the feedback guys! They're all an absolute nightmare. I dare yiz to go out sporting the lot of them at once!

  5. Thanks so much for the feedback guys! They're all an absolute nightmare. I dare yiz to go out sporting the lot of them at once!

  6. Haha!! Marshmallow head!!! Brilliant! Had a great laugh at this post, good one lady :) xx

  7. Brilliant post... But then they all are! ;)

    I dare you to do a photo of you with a combination of these peeves done! :P

  8. Leaky eye syndrome ! Oh how I hate that ! spending my day wiping my eye and wondering if my mascara is smudged across my face !

  9. Brilliant post! When I have a leaky eye day I end up rubbing every trace of makeup off my eyes, so bloody annoying!